Monopole Inc. represents over 40 years of experience manufacturing high performance specialty coatings. Through our proactive dedication to each customer, we have established a new standard of excellence with thousands of distributors, architects and contractors worldwide.

Elastomeric Waterproofing Systems

SYSTEM 200: Vehicular & Pedestrian Waterproofing Deck System  

  Primer:                          Monochem 21, Epoxy Primer

  Base Coat:                    Monochem 310, Aromatic Moisture-Cured Polyurethane

  Top Coat Options:      Monochem 610, Aliphatic Moisture-Cured Polyurethane

                                          Permashield 200, Aliphatic Water Base Polyurethane

                                          Permashield 2000 (Fast Cure), Aliphatic Polyurea

  Caulking:                      Mono-Caulk,  Quick Dry, Self-Leveling Polyurea



SYSTEM 330: Deck Coating System

  Primer:                          Monobond, Urethane-Modified Water Base Acrylic

  Base Coat:                    Monochem 300, Aromatic Water Base Polyurethane

  Top Coat Options:      Dex-Coat, Water Base Acrylic

                                          Permashield 200, Aliphatic Water Base Polyurethane

  Accelerators:               Accelerator P200, Cuts the dry time to 48 hours for full cure