Monopole Inc. represents over 40 years of experience manufacturing high performance specialty coatings. Through our proactive dedication to each customer, we have established a new standard of excellence with thousands of distributors, architects and contractors worldwide.

Epoxy Metallics


Liquid epoxy metallics create a light reflective multi-dimensional effect, while converting floors into a smooth, glass-like finish with a unique depth and sparkle

Liquid Metallic Epoxy Color Card

Pearlescent Metallic Epoxy Pigments



Acrylic Metallics

Acrylic metallic pigments create a light reflective multi-dimensional effect with depth and sparkle. These water based dispersion metallics allow for ease of application and can be used interior or exterior, vertical, or horizontal.  

Water Base Metallics Color Card - Gold and Silver

Water Base Metallics Color Card- Bronze and Copper

Color Micas

Broadcast natural mica mineral flakes to make floor coatings gleam with crystalline beauty while p
roviding a natural metallic luster to resinous flooring systems.

Micas Color Card



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