Monopole Inc. represents over 40 years of experience manufacturing high performance specialty coatings. Through our proactive dedication to each customer, we have established a new standard of excellence with thousands of distributors, architects and contractors worldwide.

Industrial Steel

A direct-to-metal coating developed for the shipping and storage container industry.

Premium resistance to corrosion and harsh environmental conditions, impact, abrasions, humidity, and UV exposure. It dries hard and very fast for a quick return to service. It can be applied in one or two coat application to properly prepared or primed substrates.


  • Fast Drying
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Apply in low temperatures
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Application & Maintenance
  • Superior Adhesion and Film Hardness
  • Excellent Scrub Resistance
  • Resistance to Household Chemicals

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Health Product Declaration

Item: White- Gloss: #2200-50      Low-Gloss: #2100-50     Matte: #2300-50

Item: Neutral-Gloss: #2200-20    Low-Gloss:#2100-20     Matte:#2300-20

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